Product : EyeGiene® Dry Eye Treatment and Eye Therapy – Refill Pack 
Quantity  :  EyeGiene® 30pairs of Warming Wafers
Origin  :  USA
Efficacy : EyeGiene® is an innovative and convenient treatment for Dry Eye Disease that has been shown in numerous clinical studies to be safe and effective. EyeGiene® is portable, and requires no microwave or boiling. It is the ideal treatment at home, on planes, in the office, or for dry eye sufferers on the go. Suitable for : 


1.       Mature Eyes : Dry eye occurs when the quantity and/or quality of tears fails to keep the surface of the eye adequately lubricated. Experts estimate that dry eye affects millions of adults in the United States. The risk of developing dry eye increases with advancing age. Women have a higher prevalence of dry eye compared with men.

2.       Computers & Smartphones : The report published in BMC Opthalmology revealed that children who spend more time on their phones have more symptoms of dry-eye disease. Dry-eye disease is a condition that occurs when the eyes don’t produce enough tears, which results in eyes becoming red, swollen and irritated. Usually associated with older people, specialists believe it is under-diagnosed in children. When we stare at screens, we blink less which means our tear film evaporates faster and our risk of dry-eye disease increases.

Office workers who use computers throughout the day have several challenges to overcome for eye comfort. First, the distance to the screen may be a problem for those workers over 50 due to an inability to easily refocus to the proper distance. Then, with increasingly large screens, users may need to scan the screen from top to bottom, and left to right, while focusing on the content. The result, depending on height of the screen compared to eye level, is that their eyes may need to be opened wider than average. Finally, the environment in the office is dry, due to air conditioning. Also, because of paying attention to a single focal plane of the screen, the natural blinking rate slows down. The result of all these factors is less blinking, faster drying out of the tear film, and worsening symptoms of dry eye disease. 

3.       Travelers : The airplane environment tends to be one of the driest environments that we are exposed to for hours at a time. Furthermore, the air pressure in an aircraft cabin is much lower than sea level. Water evaporates faster in low humidity environments, as well as in decreased air pressure. Finally, each seat has air vents overhead that often are directed at or near the face. The result is a significantly increased rate of tear evaporation that brings about symptoms of dry eyes. 

4.       Contact Lens Wearers : The contact lens is an incredible invention, enhancing the visual experience for millions of people fortunate enough to be able to wear them. However, this also means that contact lens users are placing an optical device on their tear film for many hours every day. This additional stress to the tear film can lead to symptoms of dry eyes, especially if the environment is dry or windy.

Suggested Use :


1. Prior to opening the warming units puch, adjust strap so the mask fits snugly against your eyelids

2. Take the two warming units out of the sealed pouch and insert them into the eye mask (for detailed instructions please see package insert)

3. Insert the two warming units, one for each eye and apply to both eyelids at the same time. Place eye mask over eyes with eyelids gently closed. For maximum effectiveness, we suggest that you wear eye mask until you no longer feel warmth (8-10 minutes). 

4. Discard warming units after single use. Eye mask can be used multiple times

Eyedetec Medical Inc | EyeGiene® Dry Eye Treatment and Eye Therapy | Refill Pack

SKU: 40051001

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