Product  : Bamboo Fibre Underwear 
Size : Free Size
Origin  :  China
Efficacy : “Bamboo fiber underwear is softer and thicker than traditionally made from pure cotton or cotton. Bamboo fiber which will not cause skin irritation.


Bamboo is a natural antibacterial agent : the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber come from the inherent characteristics of bamboo, commonly known as “bamboo-kun”, which is a natural anti-fungal, antibacterial agent, so bamboo does not require pesticides because it is less susceptible to pests attacks or infections by pathogens. It is a natural material that protects the growth of bamboo in the field. It is this that works in bamboo fiber.

The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber make bamboo a good material for clothing. Bamboo and cotton were tested for how much bacteria killed in 24 hours, bamboo killed almost all bacteria, and cotton did not kill any bacteria. Bamboo fiber can absorb water, prevent bacterial growth, very comfortable for those have night sweats. The advantage is that after wearing it is no longer smelly and cleaner.”

Bamboo Fibre Underwear


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