Capacity  :  1 fl.oz. (30ml)
Origin  : Brazil
Efficacy : The Amazon In Out Cacay Oil is 100% natural anti-aging, it is special because it contains a large concentration of vitamins that make an effective shield against the causes of aging, reducing wrinkles, facial blemishes, scars and increasing skin and hair moisturized.  Anti-aging, absorbs quickly and is non greasy, soothes dry skin 


  • The oil presents a high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, especially linoleic acid (vitamin F). 
  • Alpha, beta and gamma tocopherols are chemical compounds that have antioxidant and vitamin E activity. 
  • Vitamin F, a set of essential fatty acids from which it is included linoleic acid , contributes with 75 % of total oil.
  • Contains twice the amount of linoleic acid and 50 % more vitamin E than argan oil . 
  • This vitamin is present in the form of several isomers, reason that gives stability against free radicals action. 
  • Besides have components extremely functional and nutritive, this special oil is rapidly absorbed through the skin, what gives dry touch. 
  • Cacay has a greater amount of natural vitamin A more stable and non-irritant.
  • It contains an unmatched nutritional value with a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids making it an excellent source of omega 3, 6 and 9.

PERFECT COMBINATION OF NATURE AMAZON IN OUT CACAY OIL has a unique combination of vitamins and fatty acids combined with a super concentration of natural retinol ingredients that together act strongly in the regeneration of skin and hair, so it is considered a leader among anti-aging natural products, surpassing the Argan oil and Rosehip oil

BENEFITS OF CACAY FOR SKIN — Provides elasticity and firmness. Regenerates wrinkles and fine lines. Restores skin radiance. Provides prolonged hydration. Great nutritional power. Soften the spots 

BENEFITS OF CACAY FOR HAIR — Promotes thermal protection. Gives Shine and Softness. Anti Frizz action. Nourishes and Repairs

ORIGIN OF CACAY OIL is an oil extracted from the Cacay, a tree in the Amazon that grows along the base of the Andes, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and adjacent to Amazonian lowlands, it was discovered by indigenous people who saw rejuvenating action of the oil in the skin and hair, For many years it was a closely guarded secret.

Suggested Use : Use for face and hair. External use only. Discontinue use if irritation or rash develops 


Cosmetic applications-Skin care

  • Anti aging: provides vitamin C, that active the natural process of cell renewal
  • Hydration: increases protection barrier that prevents water loss
  • Wrinkles and fine lines: promotes cell regeneration by providing filler effect that improves the skin appearance

Cosmetic applications- Hair care

  • Thermo protection: forms a protective film on hair that prevents harmful actions of hair dryer, babyliss and other external factors
  • Nutrition: provides the essential nutrients to keep the hair healthy
  • Repair oil: repair the hair fiber and seal split ends. Also helps to neutralize the electrical charges that create frizz

Cosmetic applications-Personal care 

  • Nail care: provides the essential nutrients to keep the nails and hands stronger, hydrated and healthy. Men care: after shave formulations
  • Body care: promotes cell regeneration and provides the essential nutrients to the skin functionality, activating the natural process of cell renewal
Ingredients : Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil 100% natural


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